Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kyoto Temples

Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 until the end of the Edo period in 1867/68 (when it was moved to present day Tokyo). The city has thrived throughout its history, and now reflects both old Japan and new Japan coexisting in harmony. Throughout the city, there are centuries-old temples tucked away between modern buildings.

In fact, there are so many temples, we focused our attention on only a few, since the length of our visit was significantly shorter than the several months it would take to see them all!

Kinkakuji, Golden Temple, was originally build in 1397, serving as a retirement villa for the Shogun. On the day of our visit, the weather was cloudy, but its gold color was so vivid and beautiful even the reflection on the water was golden.

Ginkakuji, the Silver Temple, was built in 1474, also as a retirement villa for the Shogun. After the death of the Shogun, the temple became a Buddhist temple. Although the name implies that the color of the temple would be silver, its intended silver covering was never completed due to the interruption caused by the Onin War which broke out in 1467 and lasted until 1477.

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