Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Sake Shop, "Sakaya"

We're tremendously excited because we recently received the NY State Liquor Authority Board's approval of our liquor license application for our sake shop, Sakaya, which will be on E. 9th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in the East Village. Our goal is to be open for business in early October. Please visit the Sakaya website homepage for a link to our pre-opening blog where we will post regular updates on our progress.


Sandy said...

Good luck with Sakaya, I'm excited that you got your licence. Even though I don't live in NYC anymore, I promise to be a good customer when I'm in town for a visit!!

I'm just back from a week in Tokyo, a great time as always and lots and lots of good nihon-shu with Melinda, JP and their friends. I'm seriously thinking of doing a stint there next year....

Melinda said...

Yeah! Can't wait to see it - hope that you guys will be open for business when I get there!


perke said...

Please post an entry when you'll be looking for a store assistant.
I'm from NY, now staying in Tokyo, and I'll be looking for a part-time job that will not wear me out after my return in October or November. Love sake, but am only beginning to learn about it.
Now, a question?
I'll be organizing a sake tasting with my friends in Tokyo. What's your advice on which sake to taste. Should we go for the regions, types of brewing or use some other criteria of selection?