Monday, April 21, 2008

An Interesting Cab Ride

We usually write about our food and drink experiences but thought that this would be fun to share with you....

A few weeks ago we hailed a cab to take us to the fine Japanese restaurant Megu in Tribeca. No sooner had we told the driver our destination than without warning, we found ourselves surrounded by a frenzy of swirling, flashing lights....suddenly, we had become unwitting contestants in the Discovery Channel's urban game show on wheels, Cash Cab. Although the program has been on the air for three years, we had never heard of it. (Coincidentally, shortly after our experience, it was featured on The Today Show). After the introductory light show, our driver and host Ben Bailey explained the rules to us and off we went... Instead of paying the usual fare for our trip, we had a chance to win some cash. Our appearance aired about two weeks ago. How did we do? Take a look at the video!


Melinda said...

Oh! That was so good!!! Congrats, now you're double celebrities and $50 dollars richer!

I couldn't see the whole video, because it stopped in places. :( But you guys looked so cute.

Take care and talk soon,
Melinda x

etsuko said...

Wow!$450 and that much time on the air? You guys did so well and so cute!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You guys are so capable and fun!
Good job!!
I really enjoyed watching you two and cheered with a big smile.




Hiroko and Rick said...

We should have said "SAKAYA" whenever we didn't know the answer!


Anonymous said...

you guys are awesome, congratulations, i think u did the right thing a went back with $450. see ya

KCinNYC said...

Wow, that's awesome!!!

I'll have to keep my eye out only for those mini-van type cabs from now on...

($450... just enough to cover drinks and appetizer at Megu, no?)