Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Okome Milk

Recently, we had a visit at SAKAYA from Yageta-san from Fukumitsu-ya Brewery and he brought us an interesting Fukumitsu-ya product called Okome Milk that Hiroko wanted to try. It's made from rice, koji (koji mold affected rice), and water.  The product does not contain yeast, which is a necessary ingredient for making sake.  This Osake Milk has no yeast involved, so it hasn't been fermented and therefore has no alcohol content.  The flavor of Okome Milk is similar to amazake, which is traditional sweet low alcoholic drink. 

Fukumitsu-ya's Okome Milk has a cute package and there are four flavors including plain, strawberry, banana, and mango.  The product does not use any artificial colors or preservatives, is filled with lots of  nutrients including vitamins and nine kinds of amino acids.

When Hiroko spotted strawberries at farmer's market, she decided to make Okome Milk Strawberry slush.  After chilling it overnight in the freezer, she put the strawberry Okome Milk in the blender to made slushy texture.  Decorated with fresh strawberries, it made a delicious summer dessert.